stahldrauf asked:

"Hmm... The way the other races court a mate is a little different than how we Pandaren usually go about it." Ireul mused a bit. "Like those blind dates... Have you ever been on one? And how did it turn out?"

Anzeti shakes his head. “Onleh blind date Ah went on wos when a Darkspear girleh asked meh ta meet ‘er friend. Dat wos…” He sighs. “Loa, eight years ago?” Anzeti clears his throat. “De friend wos a blood elf who had an … ‘interest’ in trolls. She didn’t even know de Sandfury existed! Wouldn’t stop starin’ at me… Ah ain’ a mon ‘interested’ in elves, especialleh back den. So yeh can guess how de meetin’ turned out.” Anzeti frowns.

"Ah hardleh talked ta de elf. Ah jus’ told de Darkspear girleh it wosn’t gonna work. De blood elf wos pouty aftah dat. Kept tryin’ ta get de Darkspear ta talk ta me again."

Anzeti pauses to think over the conversation. “Eh, trolls don’ realleh do blind dates, anehway. We go aftah who we see an interest in. O’ have somethin’ arranged fo’ de benefit o’ de family.” He raises a brow at Ireul. “Wot abou’ yeh pandaren, hm? How do yeh court?”